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 BENEFITS OF THE BIO MAT – The Bio Mat is FDA Registered-Medical Device #2954299 The Amethyst Bio Mat is an advanced and effective product developed by a highly skilled group of specialists, medical professionals and engineers over a decade ago. It is a 1” thick mat that fits easily on a bed or flat service. The Bio Mat delivers therapeutic Far Infrared Rays coupled with Negative Ions to relieve pain and restore balance and energy to the human body. The following unique combination of components is what allows the Amethyst Quartz Bio Mat to deliver professional therapeutic results.                                                          
1.Far Infrared Rays-“Natures Miracle Light”
  • Discovered by NASA to be the safest and most beneficial natural light wave
  • Increases blood flow
  • Shown to destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells(Harvard Medical School)
  • Penetrates 6-8 inches to innermost recesses of the body, stimulating, healing and regeneration of nerves and meridians hidden beneath the surface, adipose and muscle tissue
  • Balances PH by decreasing acidity.
  • Naturally experienced by the ‘warmth’ of the sun, these invisible rays allow us to feel ‘good’
  • Purifies blood , revives cells
2.Negative Ions-“Natures Battery Charger”
  • Naturally created, fast moving particles cleanse and purify the air
  • Considered the “Master Switch” activating the body’s entire cellular communication system, making every single function of the body work better.(Nobel Prize in Medicine 1991)
  • Delivers a molecular level massage, enhances cellular communication
  • Alleviates allergies, headaches, insomnia, exhaustion, and tension
  • Provides higher alertness, more mental energy
  • Decreases drowsiness, depression and stress
  • Promotes deep relaxation, enhances sleep quality.
3.Amethyst Crystal
  • Helps sleep problems and insomnia
  • Stimulates both the sympathetic nervous system, helps with seizures and neuralgia
  • Powerful detoxifier for respiratory, digestive and cellular disorders
  • Naturally amplifies Far Infrared Rays 200X
  • Boosts production of hormones
  • Useful in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system, heart, stomach, skin and teeth
  • Calms emotions and stress/Heightens Intuition
  • Increase stamina and physical energy

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