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INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY ® - IET® is considered the next-generation, hands-on, power energy therapy system that gets the "issues out of your tissues" for good! The technique was developed by Stevan Thayer, author, speaker, Reiki Master and Interfaith Minister and founder of The Center of Being in Woodstock, NY.

Basic Integrated Energy Therapy®
You will receive an attunement to the basic IET® energy ray that will activate the 1st and 2nd DNA pairs and will empower you to energize and integrate cellular memory, learn the location of the IET® energy integration power points, increase your ability to be an energy intuitive, and receive an introduction to Energy Anatomy and the Cellular Memory Map. You will be provided a training guide and certificate from the Center of Being.
No prerequisites                                                             Includes manual &certificate 9:30-5:30
Intermediate Integrated Energy Therapy®
Experience the next level to Basic IET® and receive an attunement to the Intermediate level of IET®. The Intermediate Level greatly expands beyond the Basic Level by providing enhanced techniques to clear energy imprints from the human energy field, in the context of current lifetimes as well as the karmic effects of past lives.
Prerequisite: Basic IET Certificate                                 Includes manual &certificate 9:30-5:30
Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy®
A one day class that provides you with an: Attunement to the Advanced IET® energy ray which unlocks the 5th DNA pair and activates the energy of your soul's purpose, ability to do a "Soul Star" clearing to activate your soul's purpose. The use of the Heartnet process to manifest your dream and the use of the powerful energy wave technique to clear resistance. We will build Heartbeams to anchor angelic energy into the Earth.
Prerequisite: Intermediate IET Certificate                       Includes manual &certificate 9:30-5:30

Healing Angels of the Energy Field Class- 
An experiential and fun class that will enable you to join together with other students and work as a team, meeting and working with the Healing Angels. A perfect class for the person who wants to learn about angels, or for the practitioner who is working in the healing arts
No prerequisites                                                                 Includes Workbook

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This powerful healing technique can be used for personal benefit, as a standalone therapy or incorporated into other healing practices. If you are interested in learning IET® please contact Divenergy Healing for more information we are more than happy to travel to you

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