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Tiverton , RI

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Healing power within
"If you light a lamp for someone ,it will brighten your own path"

"To truly awaken to the wisdom of your Soul is to awaken your remembering of who
you really are. It is to awaken your connection to All That Is and to the realm
of possibility. From this space, you will begin to see more because you will not
merely be looking through physical eyes but you will be seeing your world
through the expanded eyes of your Soul." DZAR


Energy Therapies are complementary to other healing arts and can be used alone or in combination with other holistic or traditional medical approaches to accelerate your self-healing journey. However these therapies are not a replacement for traditional medical or psychological approaches
.Please note that while Energy Therapies can be very effective, no medical claims are made as to the effect or outcome of these treatment approaches

As energy therapy practitioners and teachers, Patricia Brown and Gail Sweeney/Divenergy Healing,do not cure, prescribe, or diagnose any physical or
mental illness or disease. Each person is encouraged to be responsible in the
use and choice of professional healing assistance as needed.



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